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Zoomies (informal) A period of frenzied running in a pet cat or dog.

In Zoomies: An Absolute Unit you play as a cat with a serious need for speed. Conveniently for you, your owners are gone for the day and you have the entire house to yourself.

Run, jump, drift, knock things over and race your way to perfection!


WASD (movement)

Spacebar (jump)

R (restart)


left mini stick (movement)

y or triangle (jump)

Do your best to earn the medals and push your best times to the limit, while causing a lot of mayhem!

Team 6, part of Futuregames 2021 fall term class, game project 2

Team 6 Members:

Denis J. Bender (Project Manager)

          Game Designers

Fredrik Thamsten (Project Owner and Lead Game Designer)

Anna Svensson (Game Designers)

Andreas Lampert (Game Designers)

          Game Artists

Oscar Molin (Lead Game Artist)

Sebastian Majlöf (Game Artist)

          Game Programmers

Samuel Zelenka af Rolén (Lead Game Programmer)

Greger Sundvall (Game Programmer)

Hadi Ghorab (Game Programmer)

Albin Forsberg (Game Programmer)

          Game Tester and QA

Elin Karlsson (QA and Game Tester)

Alexander Nyström (QA and Game Tester)


ZoomiesAnAbsoluteUnitSetup.exe 64 MB

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