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In the unexplored reaches of the Arctic lies hidden the mythical world of Atlantis, which has somehow ended up in a state of decay. Abruptly separated from your companions, you explore your way through uncanny ruins in the hopes of finding out what happened here. Careful, though. You are not alone in the deep, and will quickly learn just how outclassed you are by a threat that is determined to catch you – but not before it gets to toy with you. 

Explore how simple wants can turn into an obsession so intense that it alters your very being. Remember, the weight of a choice is a heavy one.


WhatLurksBelowSetup.exe 443 MB


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Interesting game and lore, 10/10 would recommend
a few comment:
it felt kinda empty so if you add a few fishes in there will be kinda nice,
and at the middle of the game, there's a merman guarding the path, but I Just past by it ,and with no interaction.
I can't seems to find a Checkpoint, so I just start back from the start when i died. I only died once so i didn't know , and i hope i can just continue at the part before the chose to open the door or nah after i finish the game.