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Vacuunaut is a first-person puzzle game that takes place inside a drifting spaceship. You play as the space janitor who wakes up from cryosleep before everyone else in the ship. As the space janitor, your main duty is to keep the spaceship functional and in order. During a prolonged spaceflight, the only time when the space janitor would wake up during the flight is if something has gone wrong. You must investigate why the ship has stopped and why it is in a state of mess.

A portable tablet has been given to you from the ship so you can receive and complete objectives and tasks. You will also be equipped with a multi-purpose vacuum gun that will help you with your quest to clean up the mess. Use the vacuum gun to push things away from you or pull them towards you. You can even recycle objects and convert them into pellets that you can shoot! Vacuunaut is a game for both casual players and experienced speed-runners. The game can be played at your own pace or in a faster manner.

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VaccunautSetup-Inno.exe 238 MB

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