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Sometimes babysitting can be a real horror, literally. That Little Devil is a spooky and hectic first-person game about a not so regular babysitting job. You signed up to a last-minute call from little Timmys parents to babysit Timmy for just the evening. However, the parents left a small but not unimportant detail out: babysitting Timmy is unlike any other babysitting job. Restlessly he sabotages all kinds of parts in the house and you are tasked with fixing it. As darkness falls, the true identity of little Timmy is slowly revealed and you frantically keep trying to keep everything under control. As time ticks away, your only goal is to make it through the evening alive. Complete minigames, keep track of Timmy, and make it through the night in a spooky house with an unique art style. 


ThatLittleDevilSetup.exe 61 MB
ThatLittleDevil.zip 71 MB


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