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Welcome to the boring town of Bodenver. Here you can explore three distinct districts, each with their own interesting locations, such as the Pizzeria, Club and even the Horse Track, just to name a few. 

In Super Trendsetter you play as an aspiring influencer who’s goal is to help make their hometown happier. You will do this by interacting with 13 different activities, and then posting about them on “Zwitter”. This will in turn grant you more followers, allowing you to influence even more people. 

So go out on the streets of Bodenver, and explore! 
Paint, ride your skateboard, play pong or maybe soak the boring mayor using your watergun...? There’s lots to enjoy in Super Trendsetter (the *very* official sequel to Super Recycler!

We Who Made This:

Marve Gomes - PO & Level Designer 

Hugo Lind - Gameplay Designer & Programmer 

Tristan Berglund - UX Design & Audio Design 

William Isacsson - Gameplay Programmer 

Alexander Wahrenstedt - UI Programmer & Designer 

Max Vendel - AI Programmer 

Sebastian Zetterberg - Character Programmer

More Credits:

"Top Hat" by Borgen
"Ivolga" by blenderman_cz
"City Bus Panel" by Marc Mons

"Jingle Jazz" by Quantic Jazz 
"Jazz" by Matti Paalanen
"Groovy Mama Jazz" by Auditone Music Library

P.S. Cheat Code For The Apartment Computer: 



TrendSetter.zip 687 MB

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