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Super Accurate Washing Simulator is a goofy, unpredictable, physics based game where you play as a shaky washing machine. Stumble into furniture and break doors on your way to find all the dirty laundry in the apartment.

Wonder Wash 3000, a new highly advanced washing machine with breakthrough artificial intelligence, is brought home and installed in an apartment. It can, and will, find dirty laundry in any home all by itself. When the owner steps out, the machine turns on, begins its wash cycle and starts moving around the apartment. What could possibly go wrong?

The goal of the game is to find all the dirty laundry. While doing so, the player can try to mess up the apartment as little or as much as they want. For the speedrunners, it’s also possible to see the time it took for them to complete the wash cycle and try to complete the game even faster next time.

The game was developed during a 4 week game project by students at Futuregames and was inspired by other quirky playground games like Octodad and Untitled Goose Game.

Arian Behfar
Nelly Ljungberg
Pontus Joneström

Anders Hägglund
Karl Berglund
Markus Wikström

Salam Shaker
Gustav Åhlin

Project Managers
Luka Cosic
Carl Appelkvist

Hanna-Marie Harr
Nicolas Lövgren


Super Accurate Washing Simulator Setup.zip 53 MB

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