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What if dreams where real?

Rouse is a 3rd-person physics-based puzzle platformer. You play as Rose who finds herself trapped inside the dream of her little brother. Use your magical blunderbuss to solve puzzles, traverse the dreamy landscape around you, and save your brother from his nightmare.

The game idea was born from the initial prompt "What if?" and created by a team of  14 people during a 7 week period using Unreal Engine 5.

The Team

Game Artists:

Emma Österlund
Erik Brodin
Fatima Alkhatib


Ludwig Norlund
Marika Ohlsson
Robert Åselid
Set Engberg


Daniel Turunen Eserberg
Henrik Sedvall
João Freire
Niklas Högnabba
Sebastian Wester

Quality Assurance:

Elin Karlsson
Ted Malmström


RouseSetup.exe 998 MB

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