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In a dark and damp corner of video-game history, Rikki the cockroach has made himself at home. The arcade-glare his sunlight, the exposed circuits his school and the three-letter high-scores his pantheon. 

 But the world Rikki is living in is well into its twilight years; any day now the machine will become irreparable. Can he still succeed in ascending to that fabled #1 score? Will he become the Ozymandias of the arcade? 

In Retro Roach Repairman, you play as aforementioned Rikki as he attempts to achieve this high-score. It is a game within a game where you both have to navigate and interact with the controller as a cockroach, and stay aware of what’s simultaneously happening on the screen of the arcade game.


Build 13.2.zip 45 MB

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