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Collect leaves to rebuild your house!

Disaster has struck!

Hedgar the hedgehog’s house has been blown away by strong winds. Now it's all up to him to gather up all the leaves that were scattered in the wind and rebuild his house in a new location.

Take control of hedgar in this 3D platformer inspired by old greats like Spyro and Banjo Kazooie.

Will you manage to collect enough for a grand leaf tower or will you barely scrape together leaves for a small hobble?


WASD - Move

Mouse - control camera

Space - Jump

Shift - Swap between ball form and standing form

Escape - Pause

The Team:

Alfons Hedström – Gameplay Programmer, Animator, VFX Artist

Erik Norstedt – Level Designer, Product Owner

Gabriele Rozenaite – Character Artist 

Guanting Liu – Sound Designer, Technical Designer, UI Programmer 

Ikaros Carty – Environmental Artist 

Jens Tjernström – Project Manager 

João Freire – Programmer, VFX Artist 

Jonas Grapne – Narrative Designer 

Leon Aso – QA, User Research 

Nicklas Rosén – QA,User Research 

Simon Jakobsson QA, User Research

Simon Liljedahl – Programmer, Composer 

Zeke Guo – UI Designer, UI Programmer, UI Artist

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Tags3D, Cute, Exploration


PackUpAndLeaf_Setup.exe 110 MB

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