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A hundred years ago, the empire of Acrozia ventured into a great valley and discovered the remains of an ancient civilization, buried within the mountain in wondrous caves greater than any man had ever seen. Along with illogical machines and scriptures no scholar was able to understand, they found the preserved remains of an entire population. No one could explain why their corpses had been preserved for so long, and after years of meticulous research, they found the answer to it all: a magical substance called Ichor.

In the following years, the empire of Acrozia grew prosperous, utilizing Ichor to expanding and conquering all that lay before them. What no one knew was how Ichor was harvested. An industry had sprouted in the mountain valleys, and corpses. With a civilisation now fuelled by this magic, Acrozia was reliant on the constant flow of Ichor flowing from the valley.

Our Dying Rights is a 3rd person whack and smash with a focus on protection.

You play as an undead who has awoken in their crypt to find humans harvesting your people for your magic. Your mission is to rescue and protect them, then escape the crypt together using the battering ram.

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Download , install and run the attached .exe



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