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Operation: Socks!

In the shadows of a dark and dull laundromat, Jakey the alien goblin sneaks around trying to steal dirty socks while trying to hide from the enemies doing their laundry. But be aware, if the enemies see or hear Jakey he will be caught and lose the socks he is carrying.     

 Operation: Socks! Is a top-down semi-stylized 3D stealth puzzle game where you play as an alien trying to steal all socks from the enemies in the laundromat. You as a player learn as you play and grow to become able to master the level in order to achieve record time.

This game was made in less than four weeks as part of Futuregames Spring term 2022 Game Project 2 by Team 18 using Unity. The game is focused on being engaging, chaotic and a game you want to play again and again. 

Development team:

 Lina Granberg - Project Manager

 Noah Arkö - Artist

 Chuhe Wang - Artist

 Tobias Mörk  - Game Designer

 Olle Stenberg - Game Designer

 Eric Jehrlander - Game Designer

 Ruta Sapokaite - Programmer

 Nelson Kossuga - Programmer

 Miguel Gatsinzi - Programmer

 Hugo Lindström - Quality Assurance

 Ted Malmström - Quality Assurance

 Simon Jakobsson - Quality Assurance


OperationSocksSetup.exe 84 MB

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