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Part of Futuregames 2021 fall term game project 1

Novice Alchemist is an explorative playground game. The player is placed in front of a cauldron, a table with ingredients, and a test dummy. The point of the game is to discover every potion and test them on the dummy in an experimental and exploratory manner. While doing this, you can also mess around with objects in the vicinity. The game has taken inspiration from other crafting games such as Potion Craft and bartender the perfect mix. For an exploratory feeling, we looked at how hearthstone hides interactable details in the background to entertain the player when bored. The intended audience is aged between 11-15 years and above.

The game is produced in two weeks by Team 10. We are students from Future games doing our first project about the magic of food. Our biggest takeaway from making it is planning more during production and spending more time learning version control.

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