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Ever had a bad boss under shitty working conditions? Or maybe you just like smashing stuff? We know the feeling, but property damage is against the law. Fortunately for you, this monkey doesn't care! 

No More Monkey Business is a fast-paced top-down destruction game set in a stylized monkey verse. Punch, throw and slam your way through 4 levels of colourful office floors while avoiding the monkey police. The game was built by a team of 14 people for a 7-week long course at FutureGames. We were tasked with a theme of historical “what if” scenarios and chose to imagine what the world would look like if humans had never evolved. What if monkeys did business? Our greatest inspirations were the destruction from the Just Cause and GTA franchises with the style of Going Under. 


WASD - Movement 

Left click - Punch/Throw 

Right click - Pickup 

Space - Jump attack


Andy Lampert

Dave van Egdom

Erik Larsson

Halldór K. Kristmundsson

Johan Gunneröd

Martin Ohlsson

Max Edberg

Michael Gorkiewicz

Nicolas Lövgren

Raúl Blanco

Ruta Sapokaite

Sharon Dimas

Victor Järnberg

William Sundin


NoMoreMonkeyBusinessSetup.exe 358 MB

Install instructions

1. Download the game

2. Open "No More Monkey Business.exe"

3. Choose installation location

4. Click “next” & “finish”

5. Play!

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