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Moon Rock Cafe is a chaotic single player endless restaurant game for all ages, designed with easy controls in mind.

 Located on an asteroid hovering through the infinite of space passing galaxies on galaxies, you will play as the head waiter planning and preparing for the waves of hungry alien guests making sure that all guests get their correct orders in time, for you wouldn’t want them to leave the restaurant hangry, or worse.

 As you progress throughout the days you will receive reputation that will enable you to unlock unique permanent buffs with the money you earn along the way. Having the choice of investing in the restaurant which will boost your future reputation/earnings.

 Updates are in the works that are going to contain more cosmetic options that the player can choose from for the environment and the player themselves. New systems are going to be added such as the hazard systems that is going to add more gameplay elements and depth to the game. Adding new characters that will interact more than others being mini bosses. (edited)


MoonRockCafeSetup.exe 79 MB

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