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Minitaur is a fast-paced Rougelike game where you play as a small magician who got transformed into a minotaur, your only way out is to fight magical creatures in grandiose arenas and win the ultimate prize from king Midas who transformed you, your freedom. Before each encounter with a new foe, you will make a choice that changes how your attacks behave. Some changes are small, some are bigger. These choices will create crazy combinations as they stack with each other and force interesting different playstyles

The game was created using Unreal Engine 5 in a 7-week time period of a team consisting of 14 members. The theme for the game was “What If”, so we created a system that lets you choose from a variety of options on how you shoot your projectiles. Want to do as much damage as possible but shoot twice as fast? We got you! Want your shots to curve and bend with twice the size of your normal projectile? No problem! This system lets the player to play the game in multiple different ways, one or more playstyles to suit them all.



MinitaurSetup.exe 1,017 MB
Minitaur.zip 1,009 MB

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