JungleJim is a fast-paced 2D endless runner with platforming elements and freedom of movement. You play as Jim, our friendly neighbourhood hog and his slithery friend, as they work together to escape the rapidly encroaching forest fire.

The player has freedom to control their movements and must solve small puzzles to progress, but with the world constantly scrolling and speeding up the longer you survive, the player must think and move quickly before the fire catches up. 

Key Features 

Endless runner-esque gameplay but with freedom of movement! 

Smooth and fun grappling hook gameplay. 

Constant side-scrolling world which speeds up the farther the player progresses.

Infinitely spawning level parts. 

Gorgeous 2D jungle setting. 

Global leaderboard!

JungleJim was developed as part of Futuregames 2021 fall term game project 1 - Boden + Skellefteå. The aim was to create a fun single level arcade-inspired 2D game in under two weeks.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorsFuturegames, ravenblackhart, NotDomhnall, Elizz, DrDrox, jj0hanna, NorthernAnvil, Viggoitch
Tags2D, Arcade, Endless, Singleplayer, Unity

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