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Escape the rapidly flooding sewer in Jim N’ Jam Sewer Escape!

 You play as Jim, an ordinary sewer rat that has grown up and spent their whole life in the sewers with their rat friend, Jam, when the sewer they've always called home suddenly floods!

Hurry up and escape by scaling the walls, use sewer pipes and debris to ascend from the depths, and reunite with your rat friend before the water swallows you!

But leaving the sewer is not going to be easy, as you pass reminders of the life that is rapidly turning into memories.

Jim N’ Jam is a third person 3D narrative-based platformer created by students at Futuregames in their first game project. It is targeted towards young teenagers to young adults but can be enjoyed by anyone who likes platformers or Minecraft parkour.

The Team!

Alice Rydevik

Bell Carreon

Ella Kårefalk

Emil Dolvander

Fredrik Borg

Jesper Aronsson

Jimmy Sundin

Konrad Heleander

Matilda Lindell

Maxine Mäenpää Valén

Moa Isaksson

Sergei Grigorev

Simon Svensson

Victor Martins De Oliviera


Jim&JamSewerEscapeInstaller-FG23-GP1-Team4.exe 141 MB

Install instructions

Download the installer provided and follow instructions! :)


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well i finally finished it haha congrats on the dev team loved playing this keep up the good work 


great job guys! love the level design and jimmys animations. i think i finished it in maybe 15 minutes after i died two times from the radiation water


Cool game looking forward to play more of your games


i really need to finish it but having fun playing it ;) keep up the good work for all the people involved in the game ;)