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Insert <storeName/> is a chaotic, simulator-action game with stealth elements. The game takes place inside a series of grocery stores through the first person perspective of a customer. This customer’s goal is to buy all the groceries on the grocery list - regardless of the time of day!


Anyone can play Insert <storeName/>, though teens and up may find the humour and difficulty especially engaging. The game was developed during the course of 4 weeks by a team of 12 using the Unity game engine.


Shopping during daytime brings with it the challenge of grabbing everything on your grocery list before the other customers snatch all items in the store! Will you remember where the cinnamon buns are when the announcer says they are running out? If not - remember that all other customers leave by nightfall. Too easy? Don’t forget the security guards who patrol the store. You better run and hide if their flashlights shine on you! But the grocery list waits for no-one, so grab those items!

Why stop playing after a single playthrough? The placement of all items in the stores AND the items in the grocery list randomise each time you replay a level!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorsFuturegames, Liam Forsberg, Sodaro, DrDrox, EtienneA, NorthernAnvil, Lizzelie


INSERTstoreNameSetup.exe 216 MB

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