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HOVERMANIA is an endless runner played out in a semi-futuristic school environment. Where you have to dodge several obstacles while collecting money to achieve the highest score, But it's not that easy you have to also make sure you don't die. 

You are the school's average skater boy that has been skating through the corridors of this school for years, though this time something's different... This is no ordinary board or school, Cause at this time the skater boy has gotten himself a brand new hoverboard!!!! Which has just hit the market, and is now very excited to test it out in the school corridors.
Back at school, Chaos had suddenly struck at the same time as you were getting you're brand new hoverboard. The corridors have been filled with lockers, clothes, trashcans, and many more objects thrown all over the place. That you can now use as obstacles to max out you're hoverboard skills,

Do you have what it takes to achieve the highest score in school?

How to play?

You can use either keyboard or a controller.

Keyboard Binds:

A/Left Arrow - Move Left
D/Right Arrow - Move Right
Spacebar - Pause 

Controller Binds

Left D-PAD - Move Left:
Right D-PAD - Move Right
A - Confirm
B - Pause

Credits :

Hovermania was made for our first game project at Futuregames. This is what came out with 2 weeks of work on a solid concept we had, Some features we would like to have is not added in the game so for that reason, it may give the feeling that something is missing from it. We did the best we could with some ups and downs but that was to be expected from our first project with new people and no prior experience.

Nicholas Thiangphadung - Product Owner, Map/UI Design
Mark Victor Laguitan - Sound/Map Design
Sebastian Zetterberg - Programmer
Adam Vall Kvick - Programmer
Malte Linde Neveling - Programmer
Gautham Satheesh - Lead Artist
Moa Jerneholt - Artist
Albin Rüemenapp - Quality Assurance
Johannes Sernbo - Quality Assurance


Hovermania.rar 42 MB

Install instructions

1. Install the "Hovermania.rar" file
2. Unzip/Extract "Hovermania.rar" to any preferred location
3. Open up the "1.0" folder and then run the executable ("Hovermania.exe")
4. Have fun and play the game!

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