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Part of Futuregames 2020 fall term game project 4.

Tomb is a single player first person 3D platformer set in an unknown world. You have been

chosen to navigate this tomb as part of a ritual, with the mission to reach the top of the

pyramid. Explore and platform your way up in the ruins of this pyramid in order to complete

your task and become worthy to complete the ritual. Learn and master your skill set to

progress where it at first glance might not seem obvious how to proceed.

Having taken inspiration from games like Titanfall 2, Metroid Prime and Mirror’s Edge, the

movement and player controls which contribute to the overall feeling of the game are the

main takeaways. With these games in mind we wanted to focus on our main mechanic, the

interaction system.

This challenging game uses several of the core movement mechanics from the inspired

games, allowing you to double jump & wall run to overcome several challenges. We have

combined these mechanics with a grapple hook and a deeply rooted interaction system

allowing us to create thrilling puzzle interaction scenarios.

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