A downloadable game for Windows

Part of Futuregames 2020 fall term game project 4

Slime: A Dungeon Escape is a Roguelike 2D-Platformer Inspired by games like Spelunky & Kirby. You play as Slimy a Slime that works in a dungeon for an evil empire but after receiving freewill through a potion wants to escape. You must find the exit of procedurally generated levels while picking up power-ups & combining them to aid in combat & platforming.

We really liked the Ideas of Slimes and wanted to make a deconstruction of the fantasy genera. It was quickly that we wanted a roguelike platformer with much replay value, so procedural generation was an obvious choice, so we thought of Spelunky but in reverse. The feeling of experimentation was also really important as well as progression so we made the slime have different power-ups that could be combined Inspired by Kirby 64 in particular. The game is intended for all ages but is challenging for all as well. 


SlimeEscape.exe 256 MB

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