A downloadable game for Windows

Part of Futuregames 2020 fall term game project 4

Slash/Slash is a fast paced hack and slash platformer where you face off against a never ending horde of enemies who have one sole objective, defeating you. Take the role of the perfect killer being pursued by enemies whose numbers never dwindle, but little do they know they are fighting on your terms. Hack, slash, dash and wall run to outmaneuver your foes and gain the upper hand in the fight, growing stronger for each kill. But remember, you aren’t invincible. Finding yourself surrounded can easily lead to your demise, so make sure to keep moving to keep your enemies guessing. Slash/Slash features a free movement system allowing you to perform amazing feats of mobility, everything from wall running, mid air jumps, dashes and ground slams. Master these abilities to keep the pace up while moving from enemy to enemy. As you chain kills together you will grow more powerful and unlock more special abilities to use against the enemies. So get in there and start cutting your foes down one by one and see what amazing powers you unlock!


SlashSlash.exe 727 MB

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