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Part of Futuregames 2020 fall term game project 4

Passing Gate The White Wizard’s Dying Wish

Passing Gate - The White Wizard’s Dying Wish, Is a 3D top-down isometric action platformer heavily inspired by the combat and esthetics of Death’s Door along with the movement and storytelling techniques of Hyperlight Drifter.

The player will be faced with diverse platforming challenges solved with a new and unique toolkit for each of the game’s levels. Ultimately culminating in a challenging fight where the player will have to use everything they have learned.

This game was made over a one month period for the Futuregames Game Project 4, with the goal of making a challenging and concise platforming experience with a clear objective and satisfying end.

Production Team:


Hanna Högdin

Pussel Widegren

Richard Hill



Hjalmar Andersson

Johan Liljedahl

Teo Tysklin


PassingGate.exe 959 MB

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