A downloadable game for Windows

Part of Futuregames 2020 fall term game project 4

Nova has landed on Magnetaria, a mystical and magical planet surrounded by magnetic powers. They have equipped themselves with a magnetic suit, ready to take on the challenges Magnetaria has to offer. By using the two different polarities of the magnetic suit, negative and positive, Nova can traverse and overcome the challenges ahead of them. Use the forces of the magnetic suit and traverse by switching polarity at the right time. If not done correctly, Nova might fall to their death.

Magnetaria is a single player platformer that is all about momentum and flow. Find the best way to traverse through the level, and contain the momentum and flow to pass through the game with ease. Magnetaria is a game for both casual and experienced players. The game can be played at your own pace, or played in a more fast paced manner. It’s up to you!

Development Team:

Lina Femling
August Lewén
Leo Lievonen

Leon Thulin
Aboud Malki
Gleb Kornienko


Magnetaria.exe 537 MB

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