A downloadable game for Windows

Part of Futuregames 2020 fall term game project 4

Gunfire is a rapid action first person shooter roguelike. Fight your way through waves of enemies accompanied by the kick ass symphony of lightning fast bullets, exploding killer robots and heavy metal. In this grim future automatrons fight in gladiator-like death games for the entertainment of humans watching the live broadcast from home. We were heavily inspired by a bunch of popular roguelike games that we ourselves enjoyed prior to this project, such as Gunfire Reborn, Hades and Binding of Isaac to name a few. We also looked to the modern installments of Doom for their excellent gameplay. Our biggest audience is the roguelike community, who through the years have continued to grow with the many great titles that continue to enrich the market with different takes on the one life - permanent death game loop. We were quick to all agree on making a roguelike and started working early on the first week of this 4 week project. While we did have a bunch of recurring bugs that continued to pop up no matter how many times we fixed them the development continued to move forward. This game was made with the No Hud-challenge, which led us to a bunch of interesting design decisions, such as having a revolver for a gun for easy sense of magazine count or displaying the player's health on screens in the world. While we all are proud of what we accomplished during these 4 weeks, making a roguelike in such a short amount of time is a daunting task. The amount of random generation and upgrades needed for a roguelike should not be taken lightly.


Gunfire.exe 1,020 MB


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