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False awakenings is about exploring and experiencing an unsettling (creepy/scary?) fever dream; You’re home in your bed, but when you wake up, you find yourself in a distorted reality. To overcome this fever, you must travel through the dream, progress to the next stage of your illness, and find your way back to the bedroom, eventually beating the fever.

Alexander Volkers
Alice Tarkanmäki Bohman
Angelo Lico
Anya Arvidsson
Axel Kårfors
Chuhe Wang
Daniel Khodarahmi
David Vingren
Emanuel Svensson
Emilia Lokrantz
Ina Jessie Salmenranta
Olle Stenberg
Sam Nilsson
Samuel Eklund

False awakenings is a first-person perspective platformer/walking-simulator where the player has to explore to progress the game. It’s an experience of being in a dream state, sometimes trippy or scary, always unsettling, which gives the feeling that anything can happen. The mechanics are clean, your only goal is to survive your imagination. Do you dare to throw yourself into this nightmare and find your way to the other side?

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