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Ralph is a curious little angel who also happens to have become bored of Zeus and doing his paperwork. One day he´s fed up with being told what to do and decides to see what the underworld is like. Maybe there´s more to it than Zeus want´s him to know.
Ralph's journey through the underworld is filled with all sorts of challenges and obstacles. In order to reach Hades, Ralph must navigate through dark and dangerous caverns, filled with creepy creatures and treacherous traps. He must also solve riddles and puzzles, using his quick wit and intelligence to outsmart his foes. As Ralph travels deeper into the underworld, he encounters more and more powerful foes, including fierce demons and ghouls. But Ralph is not one to be deterred, and he fights bravely, using all of his skills and abilities to defeat his enemies. With each victory, Ralph grows more confident and capable, and he becomes determined to reach Hades and complete his mission. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, Ralph reaches the throne room of Hades. The god of the dead is pleased to see Ralph and thanks him for his bravery and determination. The two gods have a long and interesting conversation, and Ralph learns much about the mysteries and secrets of the underworld. Eventually, Ralph must return to the celestial realm, but he leaves the underworld with a newfound appreciation for the power and majesty of Hades, and a desire to one day return and explore more of the underworld's many wonders. And who knows, perhaps one day Ralph will even be able to take control of the underworld himself, and rule as the god of the dead alongside Hades.

You will take control of Ralph and help him get down to hell and meet up with Hades whilst journeying through different layers of the underworld with obstacles in your way! 

The layers will change vibe the further you descend. Obstacles will stand in your way. Floating boulders, disappearing pillars and flaming torches all there to make your journey harder. The tools at your disposal are the mouse and “A” & “D” on your keyboard. Can you find a faster way down? Can you beat your own time? Will you find the pizza? Help Ralph and see for yourself!


  • Reverse Gravity: Zeus doesn’t want you to leave so he had your wings enchanted to always make their way back home. You will be fighting against a constant pull upwards as you go down! 

  • Grabby wings and Jump-Grab-Dash: Zeus is old, and his magic isn’t that strong. You can still hold onto platforms and walls with your wings and launch yourself as well as give yourself an extra boost with the dash-flap. 

  • Rolling: Ralph is a ball so you can roll on platforms and walls to get a better position for your launch. 


  • Casual
    • For a more relaxed experience. 
      Automatic grabbing along with checkpoints.
  • Standard
    • The intended experience.
       Includes checkpoints.
  • Hard
    • Only for the most daring.
      No checkpoints + pizza added.


  • Awesome level design that will keep things interesting, can you find a faster way down? 
  • Mixing 3D objects with our cute 2D character Ralph. 
  • Listen to Zeus as he gives comments now and then during your gameplay. 
  • Try not to get too distracted by the art, but please do! 
  • Did we mention Pizza

- - - - - - - - - - - - Credits - - - - - - - - - - - - 

- - - - - - - Game And UX Designers - - - - - - -

Emma Ekman

Kevin Nyberg

Linus Lindström

Noah Desiron

Wictor Sunstedt

- - - - - - Project Managers - - - - - -

Axel Mejbert

JLo VanneBäck

Rafiu Agbabiaka

Åsa L Öberg

- - - - - Programmers - - - - -

Elliot Otter

Kevin Håfström

Viktor Palmén

- - - - Narration - - - -

Devrim Kara

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Tags2D, 3D, 3D Platformer, Casual, Singleplayer, Speedrun, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


Download 162 MB

Install instructions

Make a new Folder

Unzip all the content in downloaded file into new folder

then to start the game open Fall-of-Ralph.exe in the new folder


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