In this rhythm-game you play as the one and only "retired" but still the king of disco. His name is Cool Daddy, and it's your job to dance around repairing the constantly breaking dancefloor of this old forgotten disco club. 

By doing this you get points, and the goal of the game is simply to survive until the end of the song while getting as many points as you possible can. 

To make this whole thing a bit more difficult you will have to do this while avoiding heat bursting spotlights. staying cool by picking up water bottles and other cool power-ups in the game. 

Have fun, stay cool and most importantly, stay disco! 

There are problems with the particle effects not showing in the browser version of the game, so for the complete experience, please download and play it locally* 

A game made by Team 12 of Futuregames Game Project 1

Game Designer: Robert Åselid 

Programmers: Alvin Jangvik, Greger Sundvall & Alice Tarkanmäki Bohman 

Artists: Salam Shaker & Lukas Rabhi Hallner 

QA: Nicolas Lövgren & Nicklas Rosén

Music: Albin


Disco Fixer.rar 32 MB

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