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Part of Futuregames 2021 fall term game project 1

In Daba, you play a blue titmouse that replants the earth with greenery after the humans have left it barren. Since this bird cannot fly, you have to rely on the wind to spread seeds. It is a slow-paced puzzle game that challenges the player to make optimal use of their seeds.

The game is targeted towards children and teenagers between 11 and 15 years, but we soon discovered that older and younger players enjoy Daba.

Daba has a "low poly" art style where we got inspiration from games like Unrailed.

We chose this art style both because it felt suitable for the genre and since we had a narrow time frame, we could produce the low poly elements faster than standard 3d elements.

The wind mechanic and the feature that you can change the wind's direction are mainly inspired by The legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, where you use a magical conductor's baton to change the direction of the wind.

We have had a lot of fun developing Daba, and we all learned a lot. Working with such a fast project forced us to make quick decisions and take on more significant challenges than we were used to. We are proud of Daba and hope that you will enjoy it.


A - plant seed, B - drag fan, Left stick - move, RB - reset level

Space - plant seed, Shift - drag fan, WASD/arrow keys - move, R - reset level

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AuthorsFuturegames, zebbe94, Raul Felipe Blanco


DABASetup v1.0.exe 52 MB
DABA v1.0.zip 68 MB

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