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You are a herald of hell, charged with bringing a beatdown upon the angelic armies of the sky kingdom. As an immortal force of destruction their only hope is to postpone your rampage by pushing you off their cloudy cities back down to your home in hell, don’t give them the chance. 

Use your wits and savagery to outmaneuver and eliminate the hordes of angels set upon you. Show them your power as you cut down enemies tens at a time. Driven by a head-banging soundtrack, battle to the top and punish your foes for their arrogance.  

In Cloudbreaker the Apocalypse is YOU. 

Key Features 

  • Floods of enemies to fight as an overpowered demon on three distinct levels you can stay on after completion to increase your score. 
  • Knockback based health system, you are immortal but your defenses can be worn down to allow enemies to knock you back further and further with each hit. 
  • Passive upgrades between levels to tailor your run to your liking. 
  • Keep hitting foes without stopping to build up your combo multiplier and increase your score. 
  • Cause havoc to build up for an extremely powerful Chaos Blast attack. 
  • Exhilarating metal soundtrack 


CloudBreaker_V1.0.zip 436 MB

Install instructions

Extract the zip-folder and start the game by clicking the CloudbreakerClean.exe


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