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Cheese The Day is a third person platforming and time-based game set in a fictional reality run by animals. You play as Steppy the Mouse who is trying to acquire a cheese platter as a wedding anniversary gift for their significant other. Without the necessary funds, you must travel to work everyday, collecting coins and purchasing upgrades along the way with the hopes of making enough money before the anniversary date. Will you be able to make enough money in the 5 days leading up to the special day, or will you run out of time?

Cheese The Day was created by 12 students at Futuregames. The game was made over the course of 4 weeks and was created using Unity. Each of the teams during this project were assigned a theme, with ours being commuting. Inspired by games similar to Mario Odyssey, we wanted to create a fun, semi open-world, and challenging platformer where balancing either saving up money for cheeses or spending money on upgrades was always on the player’s mind and crucial to success.

The game was created with a younger audience in mind, while still wanting the game to be enjoyable to audiences outside of it as well. We hope you enjoy playing Cheese The Day!


CheeseTheDaySetup.exe 50 MB

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