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This is a third person mystery exploration game where you play as a dog protecting your human.

You find yourself camping with your human in a haunted forest with an angry spirit that seems to dislike fire. You as a player better keep the fires lit to make sure no harm comes to your sleeping human!

Hidden across the vast forest are mysterious items, so you beter explore the world and use your trusty nose to sniff and dig em up. But dont forget about your camp in your explorations. Remember to return to you camp and manage the fires between the spirit's brutal attacks on your camp, the only way to keep safe is to have all the fires lit at all times.

Your beloved human is depending on you and he isn’t safe until you have burned all the cursed items hidden in the mysterious forrest.


This game was created during a four week school project at Future Games in Sweden in 2022.



CampingWithYourHuman_setup.exe 175 MB

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