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Babymon: Daycare Dropoff is a hectic and whimsical babysitting experience where you play as a witch that looks after monster babies while their parents are at work. Tend to all the babies’ needs to keep them happy, and try to persist until the day is over and it’s time for them to go home. Every little monster has its own preferences, such as specific foods or toys, so you need to make sure not to mix things up! Lucky for you, it’s all written down in a special monster manual that keeps track of every baby.

After each day has come to an end, family members will come to pick up their baby monsters. If you’re in the mood to talk to them, you can find out a little about their daily lives, and get a sneak peek into how monsters think and act. Maybe they’re not so unlike us. And just maybe, you will find out that monster babies are very similar to human babies!


BabyMonSetup.exe 49 MB

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