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Anomaly 52 is a first-person puzzle-platformer created during Game Project 3 at Futuregames with the brief “What if..?”. This game was developed by Team SEIA for 7 weeks and was created to explore the idea of “What if you were in a simulation?”.

In Anomaly 52 you find yourself trapped in an oppressive containment facility for glitches and anomalies. Being one of these anomalies yourself, you must use your glitchy abilities to solve puzzles in order to make your escape. 

Standing between you and freedom is the mysterious SEIA Corporation, who are doing everything in their power to keep you within the facilities walls. Why are they so adamant on keeping you imprisoned? Will you be able to escape? And, what awaits you when you finally reach your goal?

Install instructions

Download and run the installer program.


Anomaly 52 Setup.exe

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