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Adventuren’t is a top down action-adventure runner game.

Try to embark on an epic adventure where you're trapped in a village, while yearning for the unknown beyond its walls. In this quest, you'll navigate the challenges of gathering your equipment before daring to venture out the gates. However, the fearful villagers, afraid of the consequences, will do everything to obstruct your path.

To succeed, you must skillfully evade the villagers while collecting powerful stat upgrades and potions scattered throughout the village. Your every move counts in this high-stakes pursuit, where quick thinking and precise actions are your best allies. Outmaneuver the villagers, secure your gear. Will you make it past the gates and into the unknown, or will the villagers thwart your ambitions?

Key features:

  • Fast paced movement and feel
  • Item pick-ups scattered around the map
  • Fun NPC voice lines and quips



  • Leo Raitaniemi - PO, Level Design, Gameplay Design
  • Joel Sherf - Scrum Master, System Design, UX Design
  • Ludvig Stockhaus - UI Design, Voice Direction


  • Joel Brunnegård - Content Developer
  • Linus Gråhammar - Music, Sound
  • Viktor Pedersen - Item Pickup VFX

Voice Actors:

  • Henrik Lindfors
  • Joel Sherf
  • Oscar Jakobsson
  • Ludvig Stockhaus
  • Regis Kulla


  • Yvonne Kishna


Adventurent_v1.0.2.zip 422 MB

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