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Part of Futuregames 2021 fall term game project 1

A Story of War and Alchemy

This is a game made by us from team 4 at Futuregames and it is our first Game Project in our education. A Story of War and Alchemy is a battle/alchemy simulator and a strategy game inspired by games like Potion Craft: Alchemist simulator, an old flash game called Bartender the right mix, battle simulator games like Totally accurate battle simulator and pop-up books for the overall feel of the game. 

The game is intended for kids at the age of 11-15 years old but can be played by other generations as well. We wanted the game to be fun and quite easy to understand but also challenging in the way you must be strategic about your decision making. It was a challenging but amazing experience to bring this two-week project to life and we had an immense joy working together in this team. We had some hurdles on the way, but everyone stepped up to the task and helped others when they were in need.

Something we all realized during the project was how valuable communication is when creating games, teamwork is essential and while it can be challenging it is a wonderful experience to listen and learn from others but also share your own thoughts and ideas to create games together.



A story of war and alchemy 1.0 (x64).exe 156 MB

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